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We sell dry goods. We do more than Grooming!

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Safe & Gentle

All grooming services are performed by our experienced, knowledgeable and caring team.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible and convenient appointment times to fit your busy schedule.


Stop struggling to groom your pet on your own. Let us do it for you in a calm and friendly environment!

Treat Your Pet Like Royalty with Our 5-Star Grooming Services

Pamper your pet and get your dog professionally groomed in our safe, friendly and clean environment.

✓ No Breed Restrictions
 Hypoallergenic Bath
✓ Full Body Haircut
✓ Nails Trimmed
 Ears Cleaned
 Teeth Brushed
 Sanitary Cleaning


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Here's what our customers have to say:
"I took my fluffy French bulldog to paradise pet for a grooming and some new dog food! The customer service and prices were amazing!! I highly recommend this pet store/ groomer to anyone in the area!!."

 Joseph F.
"Lots of gourmet pet food/snack options, and as a cat owner, I usually find it difficult to find places that offer wider ranges for my fur babies. I was surprised by the stock and the person running the joint was very hands on and personable!! Def worth stopping in just to take a look and see if there’s any high quality treats you can get for your fur baby!!"

Lyz B.
"Sue and Bill are simply the best! Grooming was a completely foreign AND SCARY concept to my little rescue, Sophia. Sue did a BRILLIANT job putting her at ease, and when Sophia was really not cooperative with having her face trimmed, Sue kindly suggested that I just bring her back the next day to complete the cut. My little girl obviously had a bad experience with regard to her face, and was uncooperative again. Sue told us who we could see to have her sedated and medically monitored while having the face done(animal hospital). After all of her kindness and gracious advice, Sue REFUSED ANY PAYMENT. They don't make folks like that anymore! Please stop by Paradise Pets for Grooming as well as quality products."

Melanie K
"Friendly service from people who clearly no pets. I can’t wait to see their fish department when it’s finished.."

 Matthew F.